DENSO, Your Future

You probably rely on DENSO's products every day of your life without even realising it. In Europe we have more than 13,000 employees (we call them "Associates") working together to design, produce, and supply the highest quality automotive components and systems for all the major global car manufacturers and the aftermarket. Our products include climate control, powertrain control, navigation and safety systems as well as electrical and electronic components.

World first innovation.

DENSO is a world leader when it comes to innovation. We developed the world's first 1800 bar Common Rail Diesel systems and the world's first Electric VCT (timing control system) and many other state-of-the-art hybrid and safety components. DENSO developed the world's first electric compressor enabling a car's air conditioning system to operate whilst the car engine is off, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Our latest power control unit improved output by 60% compared to previous product technologies. All innovations support our organisational mission which is to ‘contribute to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future'.

Not just automotive parts.

DENSO's expertise doesn't stop with automotive parts. We pride ourselves on our world-class manufacturing facilities. From our experience in process design and innovation and industrial autonomation we have developed a number of products including our small assembly robots. These highly capable robots are highly sought after by other manufacturers and we have over 60,000 DENSO robots in operation around the world. We also invented the QR code!

Our business methodology incorporates many Japanese principles such as problem solving.