A warm welcome to DENSO

Monday October 6th 2014, Eching, Germany

DENSO offers a very warm welcome to our second group of IGNITE Engineering Graduates in Europe...

On an unseasonably warm Bavarian morning the latest group of IGNITE graduates joined DENSO and started a two-week induction and orientation programme.

The fourteen graduate engineers had overcome numerous challenges to earn a place on the IGNITE programme. From over a thousand applicants and after completing on-line tests, competency-based interviews (in English) and an exacting Assessment Centre they were ready to start their first working day as DENSO Associates.

Who better to officially welcome a group of new engineers to DENSO in Europe than Mr. Hiromi Tokuda, Advisor and Senior Technical Executive Chairman of DENSO International Europe (DIEU) and Mr. Masato (Max) Nakagawa, Chief Technology Officer (DIEU)!?

After an official welcome, Tokuda-san and Nakagawa-san continued to outline and explain DENSO’s long-term direction as both technical innovator and as a key contributor to future society.

Perhaps the most valuable part of the morning was the ‘Questions & Answers’ session.  This was established by Tokuda-san and Nakagawa-san in order to enable the new Associates to freely ask questions relating to the earlier presentations. Was it an opportunity to good to miss? Certainly, and the IGNITE engineers didn’t waste any time in asking questions ranging from Variable Valve Timing (VVT) to DENSO’s responsibility to future generations.

To close the morning, Roberto Vitagliano (Head of European Human Resources) explained the challenges facing DENSO with regard to changing demographics, the expectations of future generations in the work place, diversity and the necessary evolution of our working culture.